Lara Gilmour

Lisbon-based writer. The following content comprises unbiased snapshots of moments of eating.

Lisboa & me

Excuse the rather trite title but it seemed fitting because: A) the restaurant in question is called Lisboa tu e eu, or “Lisbon, you and me” in English B) Restaurants like this remind me how much I adore this city Let me set the scene. The evening was composed of a rare combination of circumstances…

Authenticity, with grace

Issue 2: Writing with the body Writing with the body. I have long-held an intense fascination with the idea and I must confess that I still do not have a crystal-clear understanding of the concept. Rather self-indulgently, I am using the publication of this short essay as an attempt at clarification. Luckily for my own…

Imprensa: oysters hot off the press

Photographs by the inimitable Giulia Verdinelli In this Lisbon bar, the menu comprises a holy trinity of decadent nibbles: homemade foie gras, locally-sourced burrata and oysters. Don’t even think about the first two until you’ve had half a dozen of the third. That’s why you’re here, is it not?  And these are some of the…

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